Dead in the Head – now on Amazon-Kindle

Dead in the Head - now on Amazon-Kindle

If you are dealing with similar issues of abuse, I wish you strength to reclaim your life as I did writing this Novella.

Grateful Dead – Terrapin Station

As a teenager I would listen to this song over and over. I was doing Nia dancing before anyone knew what Nia dancing was back in the 1980’s. My body flowed with every beat in that song. Felt so good, especially towards the end of the song. Sweat? Oh yeah, sweat is good!

My album always skipped at different parts so listening through it all straight through without a skip is a little different. I had that down also, in my dance, haha.

Dane Cook – Crying

To have feelings again are the best. To be off of prescription drugs has been the most wonderful thing for me personally. I have emotions and not masking them with drugs or alcohol. FINALLY!! It might not feel good at the time but after you let out what you have, it’s the best feeling ever! This video cracks me up so much it makes me cry by laughter.