Dead in the Head

Dead in the Head

This is a Novella that may not be suited for everyone, we are all different as we know, but this is how it went down for me personally.  

I hope to open some people’s eyes at real things that happen to real people and most importantly what it does to some of us.  

Dead in the Head

Description of this Novella:

“Tony was the first molester in my life. He was a good family friend. I was eight years old the day he wanted to French kiss me…”

In this shocking inside look at child molestation and sexual abuse in America, STINA NIKLASSON vents her pent-up rage, frustration and anger towards the men who’ve done her wrong in imaginatively violent scenes of retribution.

Dead in the Head is a collection of therapy writings, through which the author hopes to purge her own demons while revealing the constant and ubiquitous dangers facing innocent children all the time.


Dead in the Head – now on Amazon-Kindle

Dead in the Head – now on Amazon-Kindle.